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A Message From Jenna

Heel to Heal Counseling is traditional therapy but not conducted in a traditional office setting. The goal of this therapy is to help the individual get “unstuck” with emotional, psychological as well as physical issues. There are many things in life that impact us and make us feel “stuck.” It is here that I believe I can be of help to you. I would like to join you in your journey towards a better self, improving on ways to cope and manage stressors that life throws your way.

I believe in therapy, processing triggers to stress and trauma and learning ways to work through these triggers. I also believe in the extreme power and connection between mind and body and how we can use both to get us where we want to be and sustain a healthy, balanced life.

Movement with our body can open doors with movement in our brains. There can be clarity and connections that we may come to through walking and moving much quicker than being sedentary in an office setting.

Let’s see if this works for you.

- Jenna Reece, LPC